Surely, there is a visible sign that the Catholic Church in Botswana is growing as each year it sends young men to different  Seminaries for formation to Priesthood. This year the Diocese of Gaborone is privileged to have sent three young men in Namibia  (St. Charleslwanga Major Seminary) situated  in Klein Winhoek, for Philosophical Studies. In total number the Diocese of Gaborone has about  15 Major Seminarians in various countries such as Rome,Tanzania,Zambia andNamibia.

The three who had just completed their Spiritual year in the Diocese Minor Seminary were sent to Namibia early this year are: Keikantse Radipitse of Holy Spirit Parish (Mmankgodi), Gerald Mosomane and Olefile Ikaneng both from the Parish of St. Conrad’s (Ramotswa). In an interview with one of the three,  Keikantse Radipitse  narrates, their story…


In  the evening of Thursday 24 January we had a farewell and thanks giving mass celebrated at the Minor Seminary Chappell by five Diocesan Priests, our parents and few parishioners from Gaborone Dioceses. After mass we had supper together and it was  prepared by the Vocation committee of St. Bernadette Parish .

Our journey  started on  Friday 25 at 4:30am when Father Richard Rathari C.S.S accompanied  us from the Diocesan Minor Seminary to Klein Windhoek Namibia where we arrived around 6.30pm. Where we were welcomed by the rector Fr. Benny Karuvelil CMI and our Director Fr. John and the two brothers Paulus Tomanga and Gabriel Simon who after supper took us to show us the campus and then we had our baths and rested after a long journey. The following day, these same brothers took us for site seeing within the city and  is a very beautiful place indeed. We were also introduced to the Parishioners on Sunday by the Rector. On contrary, right away from  Sunday of our arrival, we begun a full week annual retreat. It was during that time when we both had chance to be connected to God in prayer. Thus, each day was a test for one’s love for God and discernment of our vocation.

Thereafter the retreat, we had a warm welcoming  by  the Dean of Studies during the Ignauration of the academic year and later after the Holy Mass his Grace Archbishop Niborius Nashenda, OMI as well welcomed us to the Seminary and his Archdiocese of Windhoek. What an experience we had, thanks be to God, as we both felt at home!

The Seminary in Namibiais very beautiful on top of a hill which has a lot of Baboons just like our Minor Seminary in Botswana.It is located on the street 19 Jang jonker road.  Each day we wake up at 5am. Then we start the day with morning prayers  at 06:15am followed by mass and then breakfast. From there we go for classes from 07.55 to 12.30. In the evening, prayers starts at 6pm together with the rosary.  We also have spiritual activities such as benediction, meditations, spiritual reading, bible sharing, music preparations and extra activities such as manual work and football. All these helps us or rather form us mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and psychologically as a way of helping us discover oneselves better.

Academically I would say Philosophy is not a child’s play, quiet challenging more so that we are just beginners.  Our studies comprises of seven courses per semester and this first semester we are studying Philosophy of Religion, Logic, history of Medieval Philosophy, history of ancient philosophy,AfricanChurchhistory, Seminar and English. Personally I enjoy this course of Logic as it teaches me how to reason well and be beyond reason and see things in a broader understanding. All in all we are so much blessed and our wish is to continue with our vocation until and until.

Therefore our great challenge is to be joined in prayer with one voice and cry to the owner of the harvest that he may  send out more workers to gather his harvest. When labourers are from the same soil, it will be easier to evangelize in the language of the people and understand their culture better hence our church in Botswana needs local priests to inculturate the word of God in our peaceful country Botswana.  Discern your vocation and respond to God’s call!!!

By Keikantse Radipitse 

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